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Our team

The founders

Benoît Limare
Benoît Limare
Previously CEO and co-founder at Sicara
Former COO and co-founder at My eDeejay
Former CEO and co-founder at Uhiro Entertainment
Gwenaël Gourevich
Gwenaëlle Gourevich
20 years experience in various Tech positions
Previously CTO at DUOLAB (L’Occitane Group)

Didier Chanfray
Didier Chanfray
Co-creator of LBA & Level Designer
35 years experience in the video games industry
Co-creator of Little Big Adventure & Time Commando
Former Art Director and co-founder at Little Worlds

The Creative Board

Frédérick Raynal
Frédérick Raynal
35 years experience in the video game industry
Creator of Alone in the Dark and co-creator of Little Big Adventure
Samantha Bailly
Samantha Bailly
Author of 20+ books 
Worked at Ubisoft
Scriptwriter for TV series and video games
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Devlog 2 Little Big Adventure

We are releasing the source code

Little Big Adventure 1&2 are going open-source!

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Devlog 1 Little Big Adventure

The Engine for the new LBA

Discover which engine we chose for the new Little Big Adventure.


A new LBA is coming

Twinsen and Zoé are back on PC and consoles.

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