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Little Big Adventure

Originally released in 1994, Little Big Adventure, also known as Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure, is an action-adventure RPG that became an instant classic.

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You play as Twinsen, a young hero living on Citadel Island on a world under the heel of the dictator Dr. FunFrock. You’ve been having strange dreams in which your planet is about to be destroyed.
These dreams don’t make Dr. FunFrock particularly happy, and he locks you away in an insane asylum. As Twinsen, you’ll need to escape from your cell and discover your incredible destiny as a descendant of a long line of magicians in charge of protecting your planet’s secret!


- Over 15 hours of gameplay
- A rich and varied blend of platform, combat and puzzle gaming
- An entire planet with dozens of different locations to discover
- Full controller support
- Language : English, French, German, (voices and text) ­ Italian and Spanish (text only, voices in English).
- Type : Action, Adventure

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Devlog 2 Little Big Adventure

We are releasing the source code

Little Big Adventure 1&2 are going open-source!

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Devlog 1 Little Big Adventure

The Engine for the new LBA

Discover which engine we chose for the new Little Big Adventure.


A new LBA is coming

Twinsen and Zoé are back on PC and consoles.

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