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Little Big Adventure Games

Little Big Adventure (1994)

Little Big Adventure cover

Originally released in 1994, Little Big Adventure, also known as Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure, is an action-adventure RPG that became an instant classic on PC.

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Little Big Adventure 2 (1997)

Little Big Adventure 2 cover

Released in 1997, LBA 2 explores the odyssey of Twinsen accross the universe.

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Little Big Adventure Soundtrack

Little Big Adventure has an epic soundtrack that forever stayed in the heart and the ears of the fans. Luckily for us, Philippe Vachey, the composer, made an amazing work to keep the music alive and well.

In 2020, he released a Symphonic Suite with new arrangements of the music.

We created a playlist for you to listen at home or away. Enjoy!

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